Woody is an up and coming photographer and cinematographer. Growing up in China, France and the US, he aims to use his diverse background to bring contrast and dimension to his characters, spaces, atmospheres; while unifying them into a visual language that speaks universally to the audience in the form of one frame, or more. Behind the camera, he believes work is only done right when rigorous planning meets pre-meditated improvisation.


I work as an AC, DoP, gaffer and photographer based between Paris and Beijing. After finishing school, I returned to China and worked briefly at Flaming mountains, one of the biggest rental houses domestically. I currently reside in France and work as an assistant cameraman and DoP for music videos, commercials, short films as well as fashion show videos, runway show video, etc. Aside cinematography, I photograph: although digital is technically forgiving, I have decided to stay analog for my stills, as my projects are usually intimate, with subjects surrounding my family, hometown and personal journeys. I want to engrave these moments with all their and my imperfections and surprises. Some of my stills are shown on the site as a photo journal. 

For the past 5 years I have called Paris home while moving around the world. In search of a better future, my partner and I are starting a new chapter in Montreal, Canada in 2025. If you're around, don't be a stranger.